School-Parent Compact

Wilkes County School System

Title I

Student/Teacher/Parent Compact

(Reviewed and Revised @ Schoolwide Annual Title I Parent Meeting

May 9, 2017)


It is the vision of the Wilkes County School System to educate students in the behaviors, skills, and knowledge necessary to become cooperative, responsible, and productive citizens equipped to function as members of a democratic society.


Compact:  A voluntary agreement between home and school.  The agreement defines goals, expectations, and shared responsibilities of schools and parents as equal partners for student learning.


As a Student, I promise to…

Attend school regularly;

Work hard to do my best in class and schoolwork;

Help to keep my school safe;

Ask for help when I need it;

Respect and cooperate with other students and adults.

My personal promise: _______________________________________________


Student signature:_____________________________________  Date:_____________


As a Parent/Caring Adult, I promise to…

Have high expectations for my child as an individual:

Help my child attend school and be on time;

Find a quiet place for schoolwork and make sure work is done;

Read with my child and let my child see me read;

Help my child learn to resolve conflicts in positive ways;

Communicate and work with teachers and school staff to support and challenge my child;

Respect school staff and the cultural differences of others.


Parent signature:____________________________________  Date:______________________

As a Teacher, I promise to…


Provide students with a high quality state approved curriculum

Show that I care about all students;

Have high expectations for myself, students, and other staff members;

Communicate and work with families to support students’ learning;

Provide a safe environment for learning;

Respect the cultural differences of students and their families.


Teacher signature:____________________________________  Date:______________________



Please sign the affirmations below, tear out this page, and return it to your child’s teacher.



Teacher’s Name________________________________________________


Child’s Name___________________________________Date__________



I have read and discussed the WWES Student Handbook with my child:



          (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)



 I have read and discussed the WWES School Attendance Policy (pages 3,

7, and 13) with my child:


         (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)



I have read and am aware of my child’s rights as provided under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (F.E.R.P.A.) (page 8):



         (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)


I have read and discussed the WWES PBIS Plan (pages 17-22) with my child:



          (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)



I have read and discussed the School Bus Behavior Policy (pages 23-24) with my child:



          (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)



I have read the Title I Parent Involvement Plan and the Title I Parent Compact (pages 26, 27, and 32) and agree to the compact.



          (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)


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