Board of Education

 Anyone wishing to speak before the Board, representing either oneself or a group, should inform the Superintendent of the desire to do so and the topic as early  as possible, but at least one full business day before the meeting. This will permit orderly scheduling of remarks on the meeting agenda.
Any individual desiring to speak shall give name, address, and the group, if any, the person is representing.
The presentation should be as brief as possible. Unless an extension of time is granted, a speaker shall be limited to two minutes or less depending on number of  speakers on the agenda.
Speakers may offer such objective criticism of school operations and programs as concerns them. However, in public session, the Board will not hear personal complaints of school personnel nor against any person connected with the school system. Other channels provide for Board consideration and disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals.
No profane or vulgar language nor personal abuse against any person shall be permitted.

The Board vests in its chairman or other presiding officer the authority to terminate the remarks of any individual when not adhering to the rules established above.
Persons appearing before the Board are reminded as a point of information that members of the Board are without authority as individuals in official matters.
All comments to the Board in accordance with this policy are to be brief and are intended for the Board to hear from citizens but not to take action.

Minutes of the Board are open for public inspection after they are made official by approval of the Board.




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